Work With Me

I’ve long held a desire to work with other song writers, musicians and artists. To be able to sit down in unity, share good company and write great songs.

Why join forces and collaborate?

There are many great reasons to collaborate on a creative project without even uttering the old clichés (2 heads…etc.) so here are a couple of reasons:

It’s fun to collaborate

Quite often writers work alone as it’s a personal experience however it’s also liberating and simply fun to work with other creatives and feed off each other’s passion to write. You also have a greater set of skills and experience to draw from not to mention helping each other defeat writers block.


When you write a song with another person not only do you have influence over your own friends, fans and contacts but your music will also connect with the friends, fans and contacts of the person you’re collaborating with. This means your work is now exposed to a much wider audience and together you have a better chance of making the song a success.

Work With Me

So if you’re a songwriter or musician and you’re interested in finding a writing partner then please contact me. You can email me directly or fill out the contact form below. Then we can have a chat and a cuppa to discuss music, songs and writing more.

I look forward to hearing from you,